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Wax melts are the lateset trend in the world of home scents! They work almost like a reverse candle - pop an unscented tealight under your wax melt burner/oil burner, and one of our wax melts on the top, and let the scent fill your room. 

There's 2 shapes to pick from - hearts or snap bars. The hearts are ready to go, but with the snap bars, just break off the number of squares you want to use (usually one or two at a time is fine). The snap bars look a bit like chocolate bars but please don't eat them or leave them anywhere little people might pick them up! 

Both the heart melts and the snap bars are packaged in biodegradable glassline bags, and have a recyclable label made from already recycled paper. We only use biodegradable glitter as regular glitter can be really harmful to the environment!