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Take a deep breath and imagine being in a quaint English village full of wildflowers, poppies, apricot trees, rose bushes and water lilies.


Scent top notes: bubbly aldehyds, plum, poppy flower

Scent mid notes: redberry, peony petals, water lily, sweet nectarine

Scent base notes: sweet musk, vanilla bean, geranium


Single wick (20cl) approx burn time: 30hrs

Triple wick (50cl) approx burn time: 60hrs

Cottage Garden

  • Soy wax, cream dye chips (hydrocarbons, wax, oil, fat), fragrance oil (phenylethyl alcohol,  benzyl bonzoate, hexyl cinnamic aldehyde, linalool, geraniol, verdox, beta-ionone, benzyl acetate, dimethylbenzyl carbinyl butyrate, citronellol pure, terpinyl acetate, aldehde C-14, dimethylphenylethyl carbinol, d-limonene, geranyl acetate, helional, verdyl propionate, aldehyde C-16, undecavertol, majantol, hydroxy, isoamyl acetate, eugenol, triplal)