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Low allergens

Cotton wicks

Luxurious scents

Take a deep breath. And another one. You're doing great. 

Asana's hypoallergenic range was designed with inclusivity in mind. While it is great for people with allergies, it's great for everyone too! So what makes it hypoallergenic? Well, firstly, as with all our candles, we use 100% soy wax. Soy wax by its' nature is hypoallergenic, vegan and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, additives or toxins. It is so mild that you can wash it away with just soap and water, and it can go down the sink! Also, we use fragrance oils in this range, as opposed to essential oils (such as in our aromatherapy range). "But aren't essential oils more natural?" you might be thinking. Well, actually, although it obviously varies depending on the individual and on the fragrance oils used, most of the time people with allergies are more likely to react to candles containing essential oils. This is because it is often the plant compounds that cause the allergies (e.g. pollen) that are still present in essential oils. Fragrance oils take just the fragrance compound, and all other plant material is filtered out. 

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