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‘Asana’ means pose or stance in yoga - something that has been an important part of rebuilding my mental health over the past few years.

I have ASD (autism spectrum disorder) - this led to anxiety and depression, and a big turning point in my life back in 2018. at the time, I was a medical student training to become a doctor. However, my mental health couldn’t cope and I realised it was not the life I wanted to pursue.


I’ve always used candles to help deal with my anxiety and when a friend (hi Gwen!) suggested I try making them myself, I was hooked.

Making candles is like therapy to me, and burning candles is one of the best tools in my mental health toolbox. Now, i want to share some of that candle magic with you.

Autistic lady who runs Asana Candles for Wellbeing. Promotes inclusivity in her small business.


This is my second ‘go’ at Asana. the first time around I had a set of 12 scents, but all were effectively what is now the hypoallergenic range. Something I quickly discovered is that everyone has such a unique preference when it comes to candles, and so I wanted to make sure I had something for everyone, while still sticking to my values and high-quality candles.

Growing up on the isle of wight, I was surrounded by nature. This is something I really wanted to reflect in my scents, and the cracklewick and hypoallergenic ranges are particularly inspired by this. On the isle of wight, we call it ‘the island’ - something that non-islanders always find amusing. In the cracklewick range, I have a scent dedicated to my background - island breeze.


We only use 100% soy wax in all our candles. Soy wax is vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable and carbon-neutral. Not only that, but it is non-toxic and so it doesn’t give off harmful toxins, carcinogens or pollutants unlike traditional paraffin wax.

soy wax also has a much longer burn time than other waxes, meaning your candle lasts longer. it can also take a higher scent concentration - meaning i can put more lovely scent oil into the candles to make them smell stonger.

every part of the candle is vegan - any fragrance/essential oil, wick, etc is sustainably & ethically sourced and completely vegan and cruelty-free.

we also pride ourselves on our packaging - we have made it as eco-friendly as possible. to keep the candles safe in transport, we pack them with ‘wood wool’. this is essentially super soft recycled scraps of wood (kind of looks like straw) and the best part is that it is 100% biodegradable! put it on your compost heap or reuse it for your own parcels!

we also don’t use any tape to secure our parcels - instead we use twine (a bit like brown string) and like the wood wool, it is also completely biodegradable! The box itself it 100% recyclable or reusable!


Eco friendly vegan ingredients. Soy wax only, which is biodegradable, carbon neutral and non-toxic. Candles have a longer burn time and don't produce any nasty chemicals or pollutants.