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Picture of wax melts. Description: strong scents that fill the room like no other


With a 10% scent concentration, the scent from our candles and wax melts will fill the room like no other

White Washed Wood

Kind to you, kind to the planet

Expertly blended candles and wax melts specifically crafted to boost your mental health. Scented candles have been scientifically proven to boost mood and help reduce anxiety and depression. What makes Asana candles particularly special is that they contain 10% scent concentration. This is much higher than most other candles, meaning that you can get the maximum benefit with every burn.


Not only that, but all our candles are completely vegan, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. No nasty chemicals, soot or carcinogens. We have only ever used soy wax in our candles and always will! Soy wax is carbon neutral, vegan, luxurious and beautifully creamy. 

The story behind asana

‘Asana’ means pose or stance in yoga - something that has been an important part of rebuilding my mental health over the past few years.

I have asd (autism spectrum disorder) - this led to anxiety and depression, and a big turning point in my life back in 2018. at the time, i was a medical student training to become a doctor. however, my mental health couldn’t cope and i realised it was not the life i wanted to pursue.

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